Karina Stribley, B.M, M.F.A

Hi there! I am a singer, actor, teacher and voice pedagogue. I am a Michigan native, coffee addict (yes, a voice teacher who *can’t stop won’t stop* drinking coffee) and an insufferable cat parent.

I hold an M.F.A. in Musical Theater Voice Pedagogy from the Boston Conservatory, and I hold a B.M. in Voice Performance (Opera) from the University of Michigan.

I specialize in teaching vocal technique to musical theater performers in various stages of training and professional experience. I also serve actors, opera crossover singers, singer-songwriters and pop/rock/folk artists.

I am passionate about:

  • Helping performers cultivate their own unique voice
  • Letting students of all identities be captain of their own ship
  • De-stigmatizing vocal injury
  • Developing healthy habits to support a long, happy singing career

As one of the world’s few Musical Theater Voice Pedagogues with this type of experience and focus, I hope to provide some clarity in regards to the technique required in contemporary voice production–specifically in demystifying the “belt” and “mix.”

I prioritize keeping the heart of storytelling in all sung styles. Singing is meant to be enjoyable and healing, and available to all.

Let’s make some noise together!

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