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 I approach voice training holistically; I combine anatomy, relevant imagery, movement, and artistry. My teaching is greatly influenced by speech training methods including Linklater, Fitzmaurice, Lessac, and Alexander. I prioritize communication and connection in my teaching–self to self, self to others, self to the world at large. To train authentic, high-performing artists, I make a point to create space for our humanity. In other words, don’t leave out the imperfections.

When asked, “why do you sing?” Most of my students have said something to the tune of “to express” or “to feel joy” or “to heal.” In pursuit of a career in the arts, far too often these values are stifled. My goal as a voice technician is to help students discover more vocal freedom while honoring and centering their values.

My role as a voice teacher is collaborative. I recognize my duty to support freedom of expression, vocally and energetically. It is impossible to teach artistry in singing without also allowing unhindered personal expression. This means that singers have to relate to the story they’re singing.

I support expanding opportunities for those who have been historically restricted in casting. I do not support singing material in which the content does not match the singer’s identity or lived experience.

Training high-performing musical theater artists requires a simultaneous cultivation of humanity and empathy. I vow to give my students the space and support they need to grow into the incredible, unhindered, complex, confident humans they can be. 

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